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Monu Tripathi has been a licensed tour guide in Varanasi, India since 1997. Having been born and raised in the alleyways of this amazing city, Monu can take you to the very heart of India. For several years, Monu has told the history of Varanasi to visitors so that they to can capture the soul of India. Varanasi is an amazing place to live and it can be difficult for outsiders to understand. With Monu Tours, you will catch a unique glimpse of this city and gain a better understanding of the entire country. You will be in our personal care where you can do so safely and at your own pace.

Monu Tours in Varanasi has a unique business model in that we cover the globe to create the best experience for you. Monu is working hard in India to build his networks for you, and Jose is working in the United States to answer all your questions before you leave. Every year or so, Monu and Jose do a tour together in India.

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  • Experienced and professional travel agents

    Monu Tours India is a Varanasi based Tour Company founded and owned by Monu Tripathi. Our unique business isn’t just about getting you to take a tour, it’s about giving you the opportunity to “savor” India. At the core of our business is our heartfelt commitment to your experience and your safety.

  • Exclusive tours and excursions

    With Monu Tours India we cover the globe to provide you with all the information you need. Monu is based in India and he runs the show on that end. He will also get you all the information that you will need for your trip.

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