Monu Tours  India offers prayers on the banks of the Ganges River for all of our clients prior to your arrival.  
Here are some questions that we commonly get from people.  If there is something we've missed, please let us know.   
How do I get to Varanasi?
The most common way to arrive in Varanasi is by plane.  The closest major hub is Delhi then you can catch a short flight to Varanasi.  Another more adventurous way to come to Varanasi, is to fly into Delhi and take a train.  I can meet you in Delhi and escort you to Varanasi if you would like as well.  If your travel plans are not taking you Delhi, we will work together to get you Varanasi. 
What is there to do in Varanasi?
Temple tours
Ganges Boat Tours
Shopping in the oldest living market in India.
Silk shopping
Visit a guru
Indian Village Tours 
Cooking classes
The possibilities are endless.  We can even create a custom tour for your Varanasi experience.  
Are there ATMs in Varanasi and India?
Yes.  There are several ATMs located in many areas.  All ATMs dispense Indian Rupees.   
What medical precautions do I need to take before coming to India and Varanasi?
I always suggest that a tourist visit their primary care physician prior to visiting India.  You should also visit website of The Center for Disease Control and share that information with your physician.  Together you can develop a plan prior to travel. 
What should I wear while in India and Varanasi?
Comfort is key when visiting India and Varanasi.  I suggest loose fit cotton clothing.  I do not recommend jeans or shorts as it can be uncomfortable with the humidity.  A loose fitting shirt that covers your arms and shoulders will be good as well, as the sun can be a little harsh.  
Women may want to bring or purchase a light scarf to cover your head when we visit some of the temples.  
Can you take me other places in India other than Varanasi?
Yes!!!  I lead tours all over the country.  We can design the exact tour that you want.  
Are all your tours in English?
No.  I have access to additional guides that can speak any number of languages.  For example, I led a tour for a group of Americans.  One of the participants was from Mexico and I arranged for a Spanish speaking guide to assist. 
How to you make arrangements for me while visiting other parts of India, outside of Varanasi?  
All we need to do is determine where you want to go and how you want to get there and set up the rest.  I will consult my network or contacts and find what best suits your needs and budget.  
What size group can you accommodate? 
I can easily accommodate a group of 10 individuals.  I can work with larger groups, but there will be a few more logistics.  Once I have all the information, I will put a tour package together for you and your group to consider.